Alexandra Adrot-Castorina

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I am a French qualified lawyer with a background shaped across France, the UK, and Italy. After years spent in the M&A teams of international law firms, I made the decision to focus on private clients over twelve years ago. Today, I have the privilege of assisting international families with all their tax and legal concerns, collaborating with their trusted advisors, or introducing reliable partners to help them decipher and navigate an increasingly complex world. My expertise spans ever-evolving areas, from international taxation and estate planning to the structuring and management of real estate investments. I also anticipate and address family disputes, delve into issues related to digital assets, and explore gender-related challenges. Curiosity, creativity, and collaboration with esteemed colleagues I both value and respect: that is my perfect recipe for professional happiness!

What is your favorite restaurant to take a client or colleague to?

La Latteria in Milano - but unfortunately it closed last month!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

be nice to others and don't expect anything in return

What was your first job?

sadly: lawyer - the only job I have ever done. I would have loved to be a conductor - also I sometimes feel that I am a conductor indeed - coordinating my clients' trusted advisors.

What is the book you recommend to everyone?

"le lait de l'oranger" (milk of the orange blossom tree) written by the French lawyer and feminist activist Gisèle Halimi. A moving and powerful testimony from an exceptional woman who has left a lasting impact on our profession and generation.

What changes do you expect to see in your practice over the next year?

It certainly sounds quite banal but artificial intelligence , which will compel us to explore - and push back - the boundaries of our practice. Exciting!