Private Client Global Elite is the list of the world’s elite lawyers advising UHNW clients.

Launched in 2017, the Private Client Global Elite serves as a highly respected global directory of the world’s top private client and trust​ and estates litigation talent, as well as rising stars within the industry.

In 2023, we received more than 6,000 entries, resulting in recommendations of 250 Elite Lawyers, 250 Excellence, and 100 Advisers.

The Directory is used by the legal community looking for referrals, family offices and professional advisers.

Private Client Global Elite Member

Our Private Client Directory was created with the awareness that referrals and recommendations are absolutely key to the private client sector. As such, we invite the private wealth community to share their own recommendations of their top lawyers and advisors, after which we narrow them down to those who make it into the Directory.

In previous years we have had application forms, which were purely so that people could register their interest with us and so that we would have their information on hand should they be recommended. Unfortunately applications do not guarantee entry into the Directory and so this year we have decided against them.

Instead, we will open up recommendations to our community at the end of April 2024. These will be open for a few months, and we will encourage private client lawyers to recommend their peers, as usual.

If you would like to increase your chances of getting into the directory, unfortunately the only way is to encourage your peers to recognise your achievements when they come to their recommendations.

As we are a peer-nominated directory, there may be some discrepancies. If you would like to begin an appeal process for yourself or a peer, please contact Francesca below.

For any queries, please contact Francesca Ffiske at [email protected]