Sue Nickason

Sue Nickason

Vice President, Real Estate Marketing & Sales at Dart Real Estate  |  Dart Real Estate

Cayman Islands

BA (Honours) – Mount Allison University
MBA (Distinction) – University of Guelph


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Enhanced Q&A

What has been the highlight of your practice over the past 12 months?

Raising the profile of the Cayman Islands as a jurisdiction of choice for UHNWI’s and family offices. Serving as a trusted advisor and alongside my team providing excellent services to clients seeking to relocate to Cayman. Collaborating with other private client advisors to share information on Cayman’s value proposition.

How did you get into private client?

Responding to the growing number of clients interested in the Cayman Islands and through developing relationships with colleagues in the private client sector.

What advice would you give rising stars/new lawyers in the private client world?

Remain informed of what is happening globally, not just in your own market/sector.
Always be willing to share your knowledge and expertise with clients, colleagues and competitors – together we are stronger.
Be resourceful and innovative – every challenge presents an opportunity.

Do you have any outside interests or hobbies?

Travel, cycling, reading, continuing education, time with friends and family.

When the restaurants reopen, where would you like to go?

We have so many good restaurants in Cayman and we are fortunate they have been open since July 2020 to on-property dining, so I want to continue patronizing them to support the local economy. When I can travel abroad, I want to go to a farmer’s market and indulge in freshly picked berries and to a boulangerie in France early in the morning when the bread is fresh from the oven.

What do you think will be the biggest three challenges in your practice for the next 12 months?

- Border re-opening in the Cayman Islands. We have done such a great job in Cayman in achieving zero community transmission of COVID, but that means there are differing opinions on when full border opening should occur, and the uncertainty deters international clients from making decisions.
- Geo-political challenges elsewhere in the world. These are not going away and a lack of confidence results in unusual and inconsistent client behaviours and decisions.
- A personal challenge, but one I’m sure everyone can relate to, is not getting as much face time with the wonderful international private client community at industry events around the world due to COVID. While we are all working hard to stay in touch, I very much welcome the day when we can all be back in the same room.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Start working in the Private Client industry earlier in my career, because I enjoy it so much!

What are three top tips for dealing with your clients remotely?

- Share information and keep them informed - even more than before
- Maintain personal contact - talk on the phone or by Zoom – emails are not effective for keeping in touch or for gaining real understanding of evolving and complex situations
- Be proactive - aim to provide inspiration to those who are looking ahead and who want to make plans for the future.