Sonia Velasco


Sonia Velasco

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Personal and estate planning
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Residency and domiciliation

Enhanced Q&A

What has been the highlight of your practice over the past 12 months?

Our private client team in Cuatrecasas has been very successful due to its extensive knowledge in tax and civil law matters, gained through its extensive client base. We have organised our firm in practice groups based on technical expertise such as private client expertise, but also on business sectors and clients’ jurisdictions. We are advising many of the top families in the Catalonian region where I am based and I am proud of having been part of that success.

What advice would you give rising stars/new lawyers in the private client world?

Based on the kind of clients we advise on private client issues, I would say that trust has to be the basis of any relationship. Clients have to see us as someone who is on their side and who will treat their heritage as if it were our own. Trust and confidentiality is the other principle that any relationship has to be based on.

What is your favourite quote?

"Communication, the thing humans forgot when we invented the words." Richard Branson.

Where have you seen growth in your practice over the last year?

We have been working in lots of estate planning cases. People have had the time to think about these issues and also, unfortunately, have seen the need to do so. In the next 12 months I prefect growth will come with tax residence tax audits, and relocations into Spain and out of Spain.

What do you think will be the biggest three challenges in your practice for the next 12 months?

1) Uncertainty
2) Keeping close contact with clients and colleagues
3) The motivation of our teams

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Work on identifying your strengths and weaknesses: work on your weaknesses and show the world your strengths.

Iñigo Aguirrezabala

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Iñigo Aguirrezabala

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Personal and estate planning
Asset holding structures


What has been the highlight of your practice over the past 12 months?

During the last year, one of the most interesting technical issues that I have advised on was the applicability of the tax treaties signed by Spain, under Article 4, to a resident under the Spanish "inpatriate" preferred tax regime. I have also advised on the pre-immigration tax structure for a Peruvian UHNWI moving to Spain that had multiple assets and structures in different jurisdictions.

How did you get into private client?

I started my career with a partner that focused on family-owned businesses. I then worked for two years in private banking for a wealth planner. When I went back into law, I did a combination of both– and decided to concentrate my efforts on private client.

What advice would you give rising stars/new lawyers in the private client world?

I would advise them to focus on the clients and anticipate their needs, since the clients and their legal well-being are the most important thing to our profession. I would also advise them to acquire as much international legal knowledge as possible.

What is your favourite quote?

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela.

Do you have any outside interests or hobbies?

Snowboarding, sailing, biking and gastronomy.

When the restaurants reopen, where would you like to go?

Estimar, a seafood restaurant in Barcelona.