Robert Christie

Partner  |  Bedell Cristin

Jersey, British Virgin Islands


Trusts: Contentious

Commercial Litigation

Asset Protection/ Management


Why did you become a lawyer?

One morning when I was 14 I was arguing about something with my mum. She said that I ought to become a barrister as people would pay me to be argumentative and I wouldn't feel the need to argue with her. I thought it was the first good point she had made all morning.

What is your proudest professional moment?

Getting the first opposition witness, in the trial of a sham trust claim, to admit facts which led to the inescapable conclusion that he had set up the trust as a sham (as my client had claimed all along) was very rewarding.

Did you have a mentor who supported you in your early career? What was the most valuable thing they taught you?

The best advice I've ever been given was to make a point of taking responsibility when you've got something wrong. It always draws the sting. There is no surer way to lose the respect of others (judges included) than trying to escape blame you should be owning.