Ana Claudia Akie Utumi

Managing Partner  |  Utumi Advogados



Tax: Planning and Advisory

Tax: Litigation


Why did you become a lawyer?

I decided to study law to better understand Brazilian complex systems and see how I could help people and companies to navigate among so much complexity.

Who had the biggest influence on your career?

Even though I was fortunate to have had great influencers throughout my carreer, the ones that I regard as top influencers on my career are Heleno Torres (University of Sao Paulo), Nelio Weiss (former Pwc partner), Roberto Quiroga Mosquera (Mattos Filho Partner) and JosÌ© LuÌ_s Freire (TozziniFreireå«s founder).

What is your proudest professional moment?

There were several moments in my career that I«m proud of, but having Utumi Advogados acknowledged as the "Best Newcomer in the Americas" in 2020 by the International Tax Review was truly special.

What was your worst day at work?

March 17, 2020, which was our last day of normal work at the office, and we decided - together with so many companies in Brazil and around the world - that, because of the pandemic, we needed to start home office, with, at that moment, so many uncertainties.

What advice would you give a trainee just starting out?

Never stop studying, work very hard to make a difference, to walk one additional mile - in sum, to excel. And work with people you can look up to, with people that you feel that can aggregate to your learning and your career.

Did you have a mentor who supported you in your early career? What was the most valuable thing they taught you?

Yes, to never give up and believe in myself.

What do you think will be the most significant trend in your practice over the next 12 months?

Taxation of digital economy is definitely a trend, with not only companies digitalizing more and more their businesses, but also individuals building or investing in new and innovative ventures.

What do you do when you're not working? Any hobbies?

Enjoying quality time with my family and friends, either at home or travelling, and my main hobby is gardening.

What would you do if you weren't a lawyer?

Probably work in Marketing Area, which was one of the subjects that I enjoyed the most when studing Business Administration, which is my second graduation.

Where can you see yourself in ten, twenty, thirty or years? (you can pick one!)

In thirty years - retired from tax practice, but still active in academic sphere.