Ajay Wiltshire

Managing Director, Dubai - Saffery Trust  |  Saffery

United Arab Emirates, England and Wales, Guernsey


Family Office

Reputation and Crisis Management

Trusts & Trusteeship

Office Location

United Arab Emirates

Short Biography

My role is about connecting the right people to each other to deliver the most appropriate solution. Having established the Saffery Trust Dubai office, I act as the regional representative and the primary link between the firm’s non-UAE services and our network across the MENA region.

What is your favorite restaurant to take a client or colleague to?

BordoMavi - Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Dubai. Only just opened and already a firm favourite!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Take you job seriously but never yourself.

What was your first job?

Paper Round

What is the book you recommend to everyone?

This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends - Nicole Perlroth - Brilliantly researched and chilling in equal measure!

What changes do you expect to see in your practice over the next year?

Regulatory incursion and increased risk management requirements. Counterparty risk assessment will become ever more prevalent. The shake-out from mergers and acquisitions of professional firms will continue to cause problems for practitioners and clients alike. e