Ajay Wiltshire

General Counsel  |  Saffery Champness

United Kingdom, Guernsey, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Cayman Islands


Accountancy, Tax & Insurance

Asset Protection/ Management

Tax: Litigation


Who had the biggest influence on your career?

I can't credit one person I've been very fortunate to have some fantastic colleagues and professional friends.

What was your worst day at work?

A much loved colleague died. We all knew it was coming but I still miss this person - thankfully we had the chance to say our goodbyes but most days I still think of them. In my entire career the only time I've ever cried at work.

What advice would you give a trainee just starting out?

The secret to eating an elephant is to do it in small bites. Also find your tribe and be authentic, this isn't a TV show it's a profession.

Did you have a mentor who supported you in your early career? What was the most valuable thing they taught you?

I didn't which I've tried to share what little I know with colleagues who are entering the profession - sometimes it can be tough love but I wish someone had done the same for me!

What do you think will be the most significant trend in your practice over the next 12 months?

Offshore to mid-shore and the emergence of digital alternatives to banking, currency and wealth transfer.

What is the most unusual or shocking request you've ever had from a client?

Is it possible to install a squash court in a 747?

What's your favourite midnight snack when you're in late from the office?

I'm too fat for midnight snacks.

What do you do when you're not working? Any hobbies?

I try and make music - it's creative therapy everyone should have that escape.

What is the book you'd recommend to everyone?

21 Essays For the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari.

Where can you see yourself in ten, twenty or thirty years? (you can pick one!)

Somewhere sunny having a very long lunch or leading a squad of rebels against our cyborg overlords, hard to say which way it's going to go...